Welcome to my site!


  • Jeanine’s my name, storytelling is my game.

I am a graduate of Hofstra University’s journalism program, blogger, novice improver, and a ravenous reader.

Currently working for CBS, I’m just another millennial in search of the scoop while navigating the fast-paced New York City streets.

I believe storytelling is a magical thing… and storytellers are magical creatures. That’s what this is: a blog dedicated to the art of stories (and people with the best ones!). Thanks for visiting my page of millennial musings from one of the most dramatic cities on earth.

Wanna chat?

Keep in touch with me on social media or drop me a message at jmarierussaw@gmail.com.

INSTAGRAM: @jeanine_the journalist

TWITTER: @jmarierussaw







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Storytelling is a way to capture the fleeting moments on this ever-changing creature we call Earth.